Liam Hemsworth Loves Drama-Free Gabriella Brooks After Being With Wild Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth Loves Drama-Free Gabriella Brooks After Being With Wild Miley Cyrus
Credit: Source: Liam Hemsworth/Gabriella Brooks/Instagram

Liam Hemsworth loves his drama-free relationship with Gabriella Brooks after being with wild Miley Cyrus for a decade. Liam and Miley surprised fans when they went forward as a couple after filming their movie The Last Song that was released in 2009. The couple certainly had their ups and downs and would break up and then get back together. Just when it seemed that Miley and Liam were done for good, they reconnected, became engaged, and then shocked the world with a Tennessee Christmas wedding. It seemed that the two couldn't get past their issues and in one of Hollywood's most shocking breakups, Miley and Liam split after she was spotted kissing Kaitlynn Carter.

The two went their separate ways and it seemed that Liam really took the break-up hard. He left America and found solace at home in Australia where he spent plenty of time healing with his family, including big brother Chris Hemsworth. Liam wasn't on the market very long before rumors began surfacing that he was seeing someone. Miley moved on with Cody Simpson and Liam was linked to Gabriella Brooks.

Now, reports suggest that Liam's family thinks the world of Gabriella and hopes the two will make things permanent. Liam and Gabriella have passed the one-year mark and a new article in the upcoming January 18, 2021, issue of Star magazine says the two are deeply in love and doing great. They were even reported to be househunting (Liam just purchased a $4.9 mansion in Australia's Byron Bay) after spending the Coronavirus quarantine together.

A source spoke to the publication and stated the following.

They get along great and have a nice, easygoing vibe between them. Liam loves that there's no drama with Gabriella. That wasn't the case with Miley.

Liam's and Miley's relationship appears to have been a tumultuous one and Miley has been dropping hints about her ex-husband in her music. It seems there is no love lost between the two and each has moved on for good.

Not only is Liam overjoyed that he found Gabriella, but the source continued by saying those closest to him are happy about the match. Many of Liam's fans approve and hope that he and Gabriella will settle down and even start a family! The source continued to discuss Liam's love for Gabriella.

Liam says Gabriella is 'The One'. They both feel that they are soulmates.

What do you think about Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks as a couple?


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