Liam Hemsworth Gets Hospitalized While Miley Cyrus Is At The Grammys - What Happened?

Liam Hemsworth Gets Hospitalized While Miley Cyrus Is At The Grammys - What Happened?
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According to new reports, Miley Cyrus’ fellow actor husband, Liam Hemsworth was in the hospital just as she was posing for the cameras on the Grammy red carpet last night! What happened?

Rebel Wilson, who stars alongside Liam in Isn’t It Romantic, was the one to share this.

As she was promoting her brand new project, the actress revealed to EXTRA that Hemsworth ‘texted us this morning, he was in hospital overnight, so hopefully, he will be fine.’

When this was revealed, Miley was at the Grammy Awards, and she was all smiles, so it is safe to say her hubby was doing much better.

At this time, there are no updates on that, however, and it is still unclear what he was hospitalized for, exactly.

Fans were looking forward to seeing the married couple on the Grammy Awards red carpet together last night but due to his health problems, Miley ended up taking her parents as dates for the event.

Before this, Liam was doing press for Isn’t It Romantic in New York City and opened up about married life to Entertainment Tonight, saying: ‘It’s the best. It’s the best. I feel so very lucky to be with somebody like her. It’s great. Very lucky.’

The actor also skipped his wife’s MusiCares performance that took place on Friday so her mom and dad came to support her once again.

Miley, alongside Shawn Mendes, performed a Dolly Parton tribute!

The artist previously mentioned that she would be at the Isn’t It Romantic premiere alongside Liam tonight so if they show up, it will be proof that Liam is doing much better health-wise.

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