Liam Hemsworth Doesn't Think Much Of Miley Cyrus Following Their Split A Source Claims

Liam Hemsworth Doesn't Think Much Of Miley Cyrus Following Their Split A Source Claims
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Liam Hemsworth doesn't like Miley Cyrus much anymore, a new report from Harper's Bazaar said today. A report from Us Magazine claimed Liam hasn't been a fan of Miley ever since he and his ex-wife broke up back in August 2019.

Sources who spoke with Us Magazine say Liam was "really hurt" by their divorce, and he doesn't think much of Miley anymore. Furthermore, sources say Miley and Hemsworth aren't speaking to each other as much as they used too, in fact, they're not talking at all.

The insider explained how Miley and Liam haven't talked at all ever since they officially divorced. Liam was particularly hurt by the fact Miley had moved on to other people right away, and so publicly for that matter.

As most know, paparazzi photographed Miley kissing Kaitlynn Carter literally days after the reports first came out. Moreover, she began a relationship with Cody Simpson shortly thereafter. These days, Miley is reportedly single again.

Hemsworth, on the other hand, has been dating the Australian model, Gabriella Brooks. According to Us Magazine's source, Liam, ever since their split, has been doing his best to keep details surrounding their divorce as private as possible out of respect.

For that reason, he isn't pleased with the fact a lot of details regarding their romance have leaked into the mainstream press. Earlier this week, Miley was in the headlines again for her appearence on the Call Her Daddy podcast from Barstool Sports.

The singer-songwriter explained how painful it was to "lose a love that deep." Cyrus said that in many ways, it's actually worse than losing someone to death because the person isn't gone from the earth; they're still "walking around."


Furthermore, Miley was in the news again for her latest song which reportedly touched on her romance with Liam. One of her lyrics said she was "tied up in your ropes for ten years," which appeared to be in reference to her near decade-long romance with Hemsworth.

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