Liam Hemsworth And Gabriella Brooks' Romance Getting 'Serious' - Inside Their Relationship!

Liam Hemsworth And Gabriella Brooks' Romance Getting 'Serious' - Inside Their Relationship!
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It sounds like Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks’ relationship is getting more and more serious, all the while keeping the romance under wraps from the public. Following his high-profile marriage with Miley Cyrus, the actor now seems to want as much privacy as possible when it comes to his love life.

Liam and Gabriella were first caught together in Australia back in December and a couple of months later, they are still going strong.

Furthermore, about two weeks ago, they also took their romance to L.A. since they were seen at restaurant The Ivy!

Now, one source close to them tells HollywoodLife that ‘Things between Liam and Gabriella are getting to be more serious since their The Ivy date with his brothers and some of his close friends. Liam was able to see just how well she fit in with his loved ones and it totally meshed. He could see the serious potential with Gabby and is very open to seeing where things go with her on a long-term basis’

They went on to dish that ‘One of the things Liam really likes about her is that she lets him be himself and does not put any pressure on their relationship. She lets things happen organically and doe not seem to have any expectations, which is really freeing. It allows things to flow naturally for them and has brought them even closer.’

What makes it even more surprising that they are so serious about one another is that both of them started dating the other after exiting serious relationships!

However, the source stressed that it just happened naturally and it may be due to the fact that they have mutual friends in Sydney so their lives blended into each other ‘seamlessly.’

The source also told the site that they wanted to take things slow and see each other casually so it’s ‘funny’ that the exact opposite is now happening.


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