Liam Gallagher Disses His Brother, Noel, As A Result Of His Absence From One Love Manchester

Liam Gallagher Disses His Brother, Noel, As A Result Of His Absence From One Love Manchester
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Liam Galagher is very harsh on his brother. After many famous musicians had taken the stage in Manchester this Sunday for Ariana Grande's One Love benefit concert, the former Oasis frontman called out his brother, Noel Gallagher, for not showing up at the show.

He posted on Twitter this morning to show his disappointment about the whole situation.

'Manchester I'd like to apologize for my brother's absence last night very disappointed. Noel's out of the f--king country weren't we all; love to get on a f--king plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad f--k.'

There was this one fan who left a comment asking about the band's possible reunion, and this made Liam even angrier.

He answered that the reunion is not the important issue now and this is not about Oasis; instead, the whole thing is about people helping people and his brother has once again shown his true colors.

Noel has not made any public statements regarding his brother's comments, and the show went on without him, featuring great performances from  Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Grande, and more.

Gallagher performed three songs during his time on the stage with Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland: Rock 's Roll Star, Wall of Glass, and Live Forever.

Regarding the concert from Sunday night, the British Red Cross announced that they have been able to raise almost $3 million during the show.

The organization tweeted their appreciation for those who helped by donating money.

These donations are targeted at alleviating the suffering of the victims' families and at supporting injured people from the attack.

Uber also revealed the fact that it is going to make a donation equal to all Uber fares taken to and from the One Love Manchester concert to the British Red Cross Fund.

All the stars who collaborated to put on the most memorable show were incredibly grateful to be included in the project.

Cyrus wrote on her social media account after the show ended that Manchester is the best and the city is her home away from home. She said she easy very honored to have performed there for the people of Manchester.


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