L&HH's Brittney Taylor In Talks To Receive A Dismissal Deal In Recent Assault Case

L&HH's Brittney Taylor In Talks To Receive A Dismissal Deal In Recent Assault Case
Credit: Source: Vignette.Wikia.NoCookie.net

According to a report from Page Six, the reality star and Love and Hip Hop alum, Brittney Taylor, appears to be getting off the hook for her recent assault case. The L&HH alum is in talks to receive a dismissal deal for hitting another girl claimed her lawyer on Friday.

Reportedly, the reality TV star doesn't have to plead guilty to any of the charges if she doesn't get in trouble for at least half-a-year. Her attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, claimed the misdemeanor assault charges from her June 14th fight with Dina Khalil would be dropped if she continues to behave.

Previously, the reality star was accused of scratching Khalil's neck and also throwing a telephone at her while at Khalil's apartment on West 42nd Street. Just a few weeks before on the 16th of April, Taylor claimed Remy Ma punched her in the face at Irving Plaza. Khalil was there too.

Her case with Khalil isn't the only ongoing one as well, as Taylor is gearing up to testify against Ma for her trial in which she is charged with assaulting Taylor. Remy Ma, the iconic rapper, is scheduled to appear before a Manhattan court on the 26th of September.

Remy's attorney, Dawn Florio, claimed if Taylor chooses to take the deal, it will have a negative effect on Brittney's credibility. Her lawyer expects the DA will drop the case entirely.

As most know, the producers from Love and Hip Hop are no strangers to their cast-members getting charged with various crimes. According to a report from iHeartRadio from back in June of this year, Lovely Mimi was arrested for possessing ecstasy.

The reality star was booked by the authorities after she dropped an unrevealed amount of the illegal narcotic while at the Harrah's Cherokee Valley River Casino floor in Cherokee County on the 6th of June in North Carolina.

Mimi, 28, who is a nail salon proprietor, was charged with felony possession of a schedule 1 controlled substance. The reality star was taken into the jail around 1:30 am but was released approximately two hours later after paying $1000 bail.


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