"LHHH" Star Hazel E's Boyfriend Rose Burgandy Calls Out Ray J And Lil Fizz

"LHHH" Star Hazel E's Boyfriend Rose Burgandy Calls Out Ray J And Lil Fizz
Source: TMZ

There's no shortage of drama between any of the stars in the "Love and Hip Hop" franchise, but it seems that the stars of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" are the ones with the most animosity towards one another -- on and off camera. Now, a young newcomer to the Los Angeles edition is taking the time to defend his leading lady by calling out all that are associated with her enemies.

If you've been following the story lines on the show, you would know that Alexis Sky is only one of Masika Kalysha's many enemies. Hazel E has a longstanding beef with the mother of Fetty Wap's child and in previews for upcoming episodes, it appears that the rapper will team up with Alexis Sky to attack Masika.


Masika's allies include Moniece Slaughter and Nia Riley. For the most part, Nia seems to be there some of the time, but Slaughter has taken it upon herself to stand behind Kalysha 100%.

In that, Hazel E's boyfriend has called out her baby's father Lil Fizz. On his Instagram, Burgandy posted a news article with a caption that accuses Fizz and "LHHH" star Boobie of being gay for hanging out with Zell Swag.


The season also kicked off with Ray J losing a bet and the punishment was having to produce a song with Hazel E. Burgandy also said that Ray J was gay for agreeing to go get his sperm count tested with his co-stars Safaree Samuels and A1.

His homophobic rant was met with deserved criticism from followers and a response from Moniece who defended Ray J and Lil Fizz.

Masika chimed in to claim that she and Hazel E already physically fought. The rumor is that VH1 captured it all on cameras and it will be shown later in the season.

Do you think Hazel and Masika will ever stop beefing?


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