LHH Star Sierra Gates Offers Update On Daughter Who Was Jumped By Parent And Student

LHH Star Sierra Gates Offers Update On Daughter Who Was Jumped By Parent And Student
Credit: Source: VH1

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star shocked fans when she revealed that her daughter was jumped at school. The reality star offered an update on the teen after the situation was handled.

Allegedly, a mother and student attacked Sierra's daughter when the parent was able to gain access on to school grounds.

The VH1 personality appeared on the news where she questioned how the situation was even able to happen and explained how she feared for her daughter's safety.

She recently spoke to the Shade Room where she offered an update.

'This has been one of the most trying and challenging time of my life, especially as a mother. To hear your child literally screaming on the phone that a grown woman is trying to attack her is the worst feeling in the world. Especially knowing that’s it’s happening at school, a place where she is supposed to feel safe. Something like this should have never ever happened! The old me would have took it to the street but I know that will only escalate the situation. We are moving forward with taking legal action and will be pressing charges because there needs to be justice for my daughter, it hurts my heart knowing there’s nothing that I can say to her, buy her, or do for her that will truly change how this experience has forever affected her.'

She went on to comment about the video that has made its way through social media where people who claim to know about the school insinuate that Sierra's daughter is the problem.

'When I saw the video that has been going around it made me even more disgusted because the lady admits that my daughter is a sweet girl! There is no excuse or justification for her actions, it’s just sad and I wouldn’t wish this on nobody’s child.'

Hopefully, the concerned mom is able to help her daughter heal and the teen adjusts well to her new school.

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