'LHH' Star Rah Ali Calls Remy Ma Corny And Wack For Calling Out Nicki Minaj Again At The VMA's

'LHH' Star Rah Ali Calls Remy Ma Corny And Wack For Calling Out Nicki Minaj Again At The VMA's
Source: VH1

Rah Ali has been put in the middle of a war between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. The reality star finally got the chance to address everything from how the beef started between her and her former friends and the recent stunt the rapper pulled by calling out Minaj once again.

In a segment called "Raq Rants," Rashida Ali held nothing back. If you watched "Love and Hip Hop" you would know that Rah Ali and Remy were once best friends until they got into a huge argument.

Remy seemingly replaced Rah Ali with Yandy Smith, who she already didn't like. Rah went on to explain that she and Nicki Minaj have been friends for a while, and said that Remy was angered by their friendship which was very hypocritical of her.

It's understandable why she would find it to be ironic because Remy Ma became friends with Yandy knowing that they had beef with each other and long after Rah Ali started hanging with the "Anaconda" singer.

Ali also commented on that awkward Nicki diss from Sunday night's VMA's. Papoose's wife was supposed to send viewers to a commercial break but took some of the time to say "Nicki, what's Good?"

When asked what she thought about it, Rah Ali said that it was corny and wack. She added that Remy just wanted to stay in the headlines.


Her opinion is validated due to the fact that Nicki hasn't brought up Remy's name in ages. The rap artist dropped her hit "No Frauds" and since then moved on to other projects.

Minaj paid no mind to the 37-year-old considering that she was too busy performing in a show-closing number with Katy Perry.

It's unlikely that Nicki will be speaking on her feud with Remy Ma unless she includes a song on her upcoming album.

Do you think Nicki Minaj is interested in keeping the fight with Remy going?


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  • Jace da Hairess
    Jace da Hairess Sep 14, 2017 1:35 PM PDT

    I luv Remy Ma ALL DAY! She REPRESENTS me and my boro B.X. well...and has been doing so for over 20 yrs!!! Lyrically she's a BEAST and she been a thoroughbred bish from the streets since her Castle hill dayzzzz.. Remy has NEVER been a lame chic...uh uh NOT her!!She's a veteran in this game and DESERVES all the RESPECT and ACCOLADES that come with that!! Now Nicki was a bird b4 her fame and still is NEVER been a fan & NEVER WILL be!! Shes a plastic CLOWN!! Only thing I respect about HER is her business savy as far as building her brand in a LUCRATIVE international one! She did what Kim should have done business wise but after Biggies death Lil Kim didnt have the right business ppl in her corner directing power moves for her like Nicki Garbage..I mean Nicki Minaj. Had Lil Kim had that her brand would be likened to Beyonce or Rihanni...she'd had a perfume line, clothing, movies, etc. Now Rah...I give props where props are do she bad and bout her coins..She a Boss Bish too...but her business dealings are mostly in the Fashion Industry/circuit. Truth be told Rah ain't no pussy EITHER. She can hold her own too. Dont let pre-production fight with Sky fool u!! Run up on Rah in them streetz if u want to....lol But Yeah Nonetheless Rah is being EXTREMELY PETTY right now bcuz she's still in her feelings over Remy rocking wit Yandy after their Mendecees beef. So I BELIEVE her NEW alliance with ole girl is strictly to throw shade at Remy for that...Unfortunately 4 Rah Remy CLEARLY gives ZERO DUCKS??????

  • Shether
    Shether Sep 8, 2017 5:19 AM PDT

    Why couldn't Remy say Nicki what's good ? Nicki did it to miley! And had shirts made with it printed on there and some more sh**. There were memes and all saying "miley whats good ?" So its ok bc nicki did it ?? No Nicki ignored bc she had no comeback, just like when she was murdered on shether,NO COMEBACK! There's no coming back from that ,,no matter how much money or fame you have. And rah,,your doing anything to be in the headlines.. Your lame too ! You were finished already when sky from black ink boxed your head on LIVE TV! YOU AND YOUR NEW BESTIE NEED TO JUST TAKE THE L'S. Nicki and Remy both will stay relevant, YOU ON THE OTHER HAND WONT.. What exactly are u doing..? Your super corny for going tic for TAC just bc Remy became friends w yandy.. If u were smart, YOU WOULD'VE BECAME friends with YANDY, then maybe you'd be still relevant for something other than speaking on the Remy beef that you CLAIM YOU DONT TALK ABOUT.. like your DOING RIGHT NOW! HAVE A SEAT IN THE LAME SECTION..

  • Norma Mcgill
    Norma Mcgill Sep 3, 2017 7:20 PM PDT

    Rah, nobody care enough for you to even worry. What is your role on are in anything. Rah who trying to call out someone. Well keep call trick and see what that mouth do. Remy is long gone. She is all the way up from your sad very sorry self.

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