Lewis Hamilton Could Get In Trouble After Wearing A Breonna Taylor Tribute Shirt

Lewis Hamilton Could Get In Trouble After Wearing A Breonna Taylor Tribute Shirt
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It's been just revealed that Lewis Hamilton could be lading in trouble after he wore a Breonna Taylor tribute shirt. Check out the available details about this situation below.

The Shade Room notes that 'Motor racing’s governing body, the FIA, is investigating whether driver #LewisHamilton broke rules at the Tuscan Grand Prix by wearing a T-shirt that calls for the arrests of the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor .'

As you can see in the pics as well, the back of his shirt featured a picture of Breonna and the words 'Say Her Name.'

It's been just reported that an FIA spokesperson told the BBC it is a 'non-political organization' and Lewis’ actions are now under active investigation, TSR notes, quoting reports coming from ESPN.

Lewis was proudly wearing his Breonna Taylor shirt to the podium while celebrating his great success.

It's been also revealed that during his post race interview, he said: 'Justice for Breonna Taylor.'

TSR also noted that 'On its social media channels, Mercedes responded to criticism that Lewis had been bringing politics into the sport. One of the replies from the world champions said We're not bringing politics into F1 .'

A commenter said: 'Lol they do everything but the right thing. Leave us alone!' and one other follower posted this message: 'I think it crazy that black people wanting to be treated equally is political but.'

One follower said: 'Y’all want to investigate him for a T-shirt but haven’t arrested the cops who killed her yet? 😒' and someone else wrote: 'they want to punish everyone but the ones that actually killed her!'

A fan posted: 'I didn’t know someone being shot by the police was political,' and someone sales said: 'Lmfao Human Rights are Political?! Wow, ain’t know.'

Another person said: 'how is demanding JUSTICE (supposedly an American value & a constitutional right)... a “political stance” ? um huh? we understand this language is just dog-whistle politics lol.'


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