'Let’s Make A Deal' Host Monty Hall Dies At The Age Of 96

'Let’s Make A Deal' Host Monty Hall Dies At The Age Of 96
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The famous co-creator and host of the popular Let’s Make a Deal game show passed away in his own Beverly Hills, California home today September 30. His Daughter Joanna Gleason was the one who confirmed the regretful news for the New York Times.

The TV personality was had reached the respectable age of 96 and died of apparent heart failure.

As you may be aware, the legendary TV host made his debut in 1963 with Let’s Make a Deal.

The show was an instant hit and became a beloved program which is also why it has such a long run.

Monty remained involved as the owner of the game show as well as guested from time to time throughout the years even after, in 2009, Wayne Brady took over as the new host.

Aside from the TV legacy that he left behind, the man is also survived by two daughters who continued on the same path as their father – TV executive Sharon Hall and Tony-award winning Gleason.

Hall also has a son named Richard who is part of The Amazing Race production.

The star’s beloved wife Marilyn Plottel had passed away earlier this year, more precisely in June.

The two were married for no less than 70 years!

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