Letoya Luckett Announces Divorce From Husband Just Months After Giving Birth

Letoya Luckett Announces Divorce From Husband Just Months After Giving Birth
Credit: Source: Page Six

Letoya Luckett and Tommicus Walker's marriage have seemingly been on the rocks for quite some time. The two have been dealing with the issue of infidelity among other things and it seems that the foundation is permanently cracked.

The former Destiny's Child member took to Instagram to announce to fans that her marriage was over: 'After very prayerful consideration, Tommicus and I have decided to get a divorce. It is my deepest desire for us to be loving co-parents and keep a peaceful environment out of respect for our children. Love always.'

Meanwhile, her husband is denying any unfaithfulness on his end.

He echoed her sentiments of trying peaceful co-parenting with his own statement that read: 'LeToya and I have decided to get a divorce. This was a very difficult decision. We remain committed to our family as co-parents…we happily remain committed as caring friends with a great love and respect for one another.'

However, in his Stories, he went on to blame 'outside forces' for contributing to the split.

This comes just months after he allegedly appeared in an intimate video with another woman. He was identified by the tattoo on his leg.

He also shifted blame during that time.

'The devil is busy and will not win. Please pray for my family and especially my wife while she’s pregnant. This too shall pass. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. I love my family. I pray my wife does not go into preterm labor & my son healthy. God fix it & bless my enemies.'

The two just welcomed a son months ago when the cheating rumors were at its height.

After the split was announced, Letoya's fans took to social media to tell her that she deserves way better.

Hopefully, the former couple is able to find a way to peacefully co-parent.