Leslie Jones Slams Jason Reitman's New "Ghostbusters" Film - Compares Situation To Trump

Leslie Jones Slams Jason Reitman's New "Ghostbusters" Film - Compares Situation To Trump
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Leslie Jones, who starred in the reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise three years ago in 2016, tweeted out her disappointment after finding out another film would be created in the franchise, which would all but ignore the events of the previous movie.

Jason Reitman is making another film in the series based off of the story created and elaborated on in both its 1984 original and the sequel five years later in 1989. In response to the news, Leslie took to Twitter to say she was unpleased, accusing Jason's decision as being like something "Trump would do."

She said on Twitter, "so insulting, like f*ck us. We don't count." She went on to say that it was as if Trump was making the decision like women can't be Ghostbusters. "And I don't give a f*ck, I'm saying something!" the comedian said.

In addition to sounding off on Reitman, in the post, the star tagged her former co-stars, Melissa McCarthy, as well as Jason Reitman himself as well. Thus far, nobody has officially responded to Leslie's opinion, but apparently, there has been a bit of backlash against Reitman on social media.

In England, a journalist wrote an "open letter to Jason Reitman," in which he said that the director was missing out on some type of opportunity. Feig's Ghostbusters supposedly did quite well upon its release, receiving positive reviews from critics and grossing $229 worldwide.

In many of the reviews, it was argued the way in which women were such great friends in the movie was one of its strong points. Currently, Reitman is writing the screenplay for the film with Gil Kenan. It isn't clear who will be in it, but it's supposed to hit theaters in 2020.

Back in 2016, Ghostbusters was somewhat controversial for casting an all-female ensemble. While most film critics and people in the entertainment industry hailed the movie, audiences were not quite as forgiving, especially fans of the original franchise who said it didn't have the same magic. Regardless, the movie had a B+ Cinema Score at the time and brought in a significant female audience.

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