Leslie Grace Shares A TikTok Which Shows Behind The Scenes Footage Of DCEU's Batgirl Film

Leslie Grace Shares A TikTok Which Shows Behind The Scenes Footage Of DCEU's Batgirl Film
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The DCEU has been going through a ton of changes in terms of its content, its actors, its release dates and much more ever since its parent studio, Warner Brothers underwent a merger and became known as Warner Brother Discovery, with a brand new management at the helm. While the new management has shuffled the cards of the upcoming DCEU movies significantly changing the release dates of almost all of them, one change they made was a little too big according to fans and that is the cancellation of a the Batgirl film, which was almost completed and nearing the release phase.

The film starred Leslie Grace in the role of Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl. J.K. Simmons was expected to make his return in the role of Commissioner Gordon, Brendan Fraser was expected to play the film's villain Firefly while other names in the cast included Ivory Aquino, Rebecca Front, Jacob Scipio, Corey Johnson and Ethan Kai.

The film's cancellation was announced recently and fans have been campaigning for its release ever since.

But while the fans are disappointed in the cancellation, it seems no one is more disappointed than the Batgirl herself, Leslie Grace, who recently decided to take to TIkTok and post a video of several behind the scene footages from the sets of Batgirl.


The TikTok shows that the film was going to be action packed and that Leslie herself went through some rigorous training to prepare for the role of the Batgirl. The caption underneath the TikTok read, "I Couldn't resist."

Perhaps Leslie is trying to add some fuel to the movement trying to get the Batgirl movie to release but the ew management of the DCEU seems adamant in their decision. They did not even give a copy of the film to the directors of the film to enjoy because they want to ensure that this movie never sees the light of day.

Will Leslie Ever get a chance to return to the DCEU? Only time will tell.

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