LeSean McCoy's Former Girlfriend Says She Needs More Evidence Before Blaming Him

LeSean McCoy's Former Girlfriend Says She Needs More Evidence Before Blaming Him
Credit: Source: SBNation.com

LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend is backing up from her previous claims that her NFL playing boyfriend may have had something to do with the robbery and assault that left her bloodied and hospitalized.

According to People Magazine, Delicia Cordon claims the 30-year-old running back may have been involved. The armed mugger took a bracelet off her wrist during a vicious assault.

In the 911 call, Cordon says the man who robbed her only wanted the jewelry, and that's the reason why she felt suspicious. However, since then, she has clarified that she can't merely accuse him of a crime without having any proof. It's only a suspicion at this point.

Her lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, said to CBS News that she isn't certain he had something to do with it anymore. And in a statement to ESPN's Mike Rodak, she said there had been "no backtracking." An investigation is needed before an official accusation can be made.

Rodak, through a tweet, said Cordon didn't backtrack, but she can't claim he was involved unless she and her team find proof of involvement. The 911 call obtained by multiple organizations features Cordon saying she thought her boyfriend had been watching her through the security system.

You can check out McCoy's Instagram post below where he defends himself:

The Milton Police said to People Magazine that the attacker pistol-whipped her and stole her jewelry, in a brutal assault which left her in a lot of pain.

The Instagram model posted a picture of herself lying in a hospital bed, and it went viral on Tuesday morning.

McCoy denied the allegations on Instagram, saying he wasn't involved at all, despite social media rumors and tabloid speculation. Interestingly, the police alleged that it appeared to be a targeted attack, rather than a random incident.

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