Les Moonves Reportedly Had An Employee 'On Call' For Sex Acts CBS Investigators Claim

Les Moonves Reportedly Had An Employee 'On Call' For Sex Acts CBS Investigators Claim
Credit: Source: Deadline

Les Moonves reportedly had an on-call employee to give him oral sex whenever he wanted. CBS's internal investigation shows that multiple employees performed oral sex on the network executive, and they received special benefits in return.

The investigation explored over a dozen claims of sexual misconduct against Moonves. The report states that four employees gave the former network boss oral sex, in what was described as "transactional and improper."

The report insinuates that the employees were rewarded for sex, though specifics have not been released.

According to TMZ , Moonves destroyed a lot of evidence and lied to the investigators. He also tried to downplay the accusations and act like nothing had happened.

The on-call employee, meanwhile, was protected from termination, and many CBS employees were aware of her status in the company.

The report, which was released by the New York Times, also revealed that a board member knew about Moonves' behavior. Arnold Kopelson, who joined the board in 2007, was informed about the allegations but completely ignored them.

One of the victims even told Kopelson not to join the board because of Moonves' history, advice he completely ignored.

Kopelson, who passed away a few months ago, defended Moonves even after the sexual misconduct scandal broke this summer.

"Les is our leader and it wouldn’t change my opinion of him," Kopelson shared.

The accusations against Moonves extend beyond his time at the network. CBS hired Moonves in 1995, and some of the sexual misconduct happened before his hiring date.

The report notes that Moonves' misconduct ceased after he married Julie Chen in 2004.

The investigation was launched to determine if CBS had the right to revoke Moonves' $120 million severance package. Based on what the investigators found, the report indicates that CBS would be justified in denying the payment.

Les Moonves continues to deny the allegations of sexual misconduct and has not commented on the new report.

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