Leonardo DiCaprio's Response To The Whole Titanic Mystery Is The Best - Could Jack Have Fit Or Not?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Response To The Whole Titanic Mystery Is The Best - Could Jack Have Fit Or Not?
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The age-old question: Could Jack and Rose have fit together on that door in the icy waters at the end of Titanic or not? What better person to answer it than Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor who portrayed the character himself!

However when asked about it during a North Atlantic interview, the Hollywood star sounded just as salty as the rest of the die-hard fans who have been questioning that scene since 1997 when it came out.

Josh Horowitz of MTV is well known for asking the most burning and direct questions to the celebs he interviews and Leo was not an exception.

Calling it ‘the biggest movie controversy of all time,’ he proceeded to ask the actor if he would’ve also fit alongside Kate Winslet who played Rose, on that floating door and survived the freezing waters.

His reaction was pretty funny. Looking down bitterly, the 44-year-old actor shook his head in disbelief that the reporter would even go there.

At the time, his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie were also being interviewed.

Margot reacted first, saying in a heartbroken voice: ‘Oh my god, I thought about it. I remember bawling my eyes out!’

When it came out, she was still in grade school but remembers very well how Jack sacrificed himself for his love, Rose, letting her use the door to stay afloat while he was dying of hypothermia.

Finally, Leo folded his arms and simply answered that ‘I have no comment,’ with a grin, making Brad laugh out loud.

When asked his opinion, Pitt said: ‘That is fun. Well I’m going to go back and look now, certainly.’

But he and Margot did not let Leo off the hook so easily.

They continued to bombard him with questions about the famous scene but Leo continued to say ‘no comment’ to every single one while laughing.


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