Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted Out Dancing In A Hollywood Nightclub

Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted Out Dancing In A Hollywood Nightclub
Credit: Source: VanityFair.com

According to a report from Page Six, Leonardo DiCaprio recently made an appearence at a West Hollywood nightclub and did a dance-off with his friend, Q-Tip. Leonardo was there to celebrate the launch of Ian Schrager's West Hollywood Edition.

Among some of the other guests in the crowd included Scout Willis, Rumer, CeeLo, Diplo, Estelle, Wilmer Valderrama, Dylan McDermott, China Chow, as well as Billy Idol. Janelle Monae was there as well and she performed before the crowd.

Leonardo DiCaprio was in the news today on another occasion, but for an entirely different and indirect reason. On his IG page earlier this week, Jackson Garlick posted a photoshopped image of himself alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, stating it was "all a joke."

As most know, Leonardo DiCaprio is notoriously private. He rarely appears out in public, and if he does, it's usually incognito and done inconspicuously.

The 25-year-old sales manager, who spoke with Daily Mail Australia, explained that he created the photo as a joke to send it back to his mother. The star said to the outlet that he doesn't take his IG page incredibly seriously, so he just threw it up there for fun.

Garlick claimed that his father did the same thing as well, using a photograph of Kim Kardashian and superimposing it on his photo to make his mother jealous. His mother was away on a business trip at that time and couldn't come out on vacation. In other words, it was more of a family inside joke than anything else.

This past Thursday, Daily Mail Australia reported that The Bachelorette star photoshopped the image in an attempt to make it seem like Leonardo DiCaprio actually met up with him. Reportedly, the photo of DiCaprio was 12-years-old and it was taken at a pre-Oscars party in 2007.

The news of the photoshopped image involving the Titanic actor comes after New Idea reported that Jackson wouldn't be appearing on The Bachelorette on account of his "player" tendencies. A source who spoke with the outlet previously stated, "he's desperate to be a famous influencer."

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