Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Breaks Record For Most Expensive Painting In History At $450,000,000

Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Breaks Record For Most Expensive Painting In History At $450,000,000
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Leonardo Da Vinci's painting titled, "Salvator Mundi," was bought by a private buyer at the price of $450 million during an auction in New York City. The price tag of the classic piece of artwork makes it the highest valued painting in history.

The auction took place on the 15th of November at the Christie's Auction House, and it broke the world record set by Peter Paul Rubens' "Massacre Of The Innocents." Peter's painting was valued at $76 million.

Leonardo's painting is just one of 20 that still exist, and it now belongs to a private owner. However, no one knows the identity of the person.

Alex Rotter, Christie's co-chairman, was the man who set the winning bid for the client on the phone.

Jussi Pylkkanen, Christie's president, served as the auctioneer for the battle that lasted just under twenty minutes. Pylkkanen said on the website for the auction house that it is every "auctioneer's" ambition to sell a painting made by Da Vinci.

Furthermore, he added it's honestly "wonderful" for an "Old Master" to be at the center of attention once again.

The "excitement" for Leonardo's work has been "overwhelming." The auction was in front of a large audience of art collectors, journalists, dealers, advisors, and was even streamed live on Facebook. Art collectors consider Salvator Mundi as the "male Mona Lisa" making it a legendary piece.

When the sale was first announced by the auction house back in October, thousands of people visited exhibitions to see the painting including in cities like New York, San Francisco, London, as well as Hong Kong. Da Vinci's last piece of work, the "Horse and Rider" sculpture, sold for $11 million in 2001.

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