Lena Waithe's Estranged Wife Files For Divorce 10 Months After Their Breakup

Lena Waithe's Estranged Wife Files For Divorce 10 Months After Their Breakup
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A report from People Magazine today revealed that Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo have officially filed for divorce almost one year after they split up last year in 2019. The outlet claims Alana filed for divorce 10 months following their joint separation.

The Blast was the first to pick up on the court documents, filed in LA Superior Court, in which Mayo asked for a legal separation from The Chi creator. Reportedly, Lena and Alana tied the knot after three years of dating until they split up in January 2019.

They released a joint statement in which they claimed that "after careful thought and consideration," they chose to go their own way. The pair of celebs asked the public to respect their privacy.

According to People, their breakup was revealed just two months after Lena told her fans and followers that they had gotten married in a San Francisco ceremony. During her appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November 2019, Lena said they just "snuck" away and got it done.


According to Lena, she and Alana tied the knot right in front of Harvey Milk's statute which was Alana's idea. They were driving and Mayo saw the courthouse and said they should get married right there. Lena obliged and they tied the knot.

Lena went on to say it was a "humbling day" for both of them because a lot of people had to fight and struggle for them to have the right to marry. "Everybody should be able to do that," Waithe remarked.

Previously, Waithe touched on how she and Mayo had gotten engaged during a Thanksgiving trip to Tokyo. Regardless, the news of their split came as a big surprise, considering how positively Lena spoke of Alana in the press.


For instance, in July 2018, Lena shared that Alana "definitely" helps to keep her in reality. Lena said her wife of the time kept her "grounded." She went on to joke that not long after she won her first Emmy Award, Alana told her to get outside and "take out the recycling," which is precisely what Juice WLRD's mother did for him.

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