Lena Headey Suggests Harvey Weinstein May Have Ruined Her Career For A Decade

Lena Headey Suggests Harvey Weinstein May Have Ruined Her Career For A Decade
Credit: Source: IBTimes.co.uk

According to a report from Fox News, Lena Headey first opened up in 2017 about an incident involving the disgraced producer, Harvey Weinstein, who supposedly came on to her several years ago - an incident which may have impacted her career for decades.

The Game Of Thrones actress claims her rejected advances against Harvey Weinstein may have played a key role in her career faltering for a few years. Speaking with reporters from United Kingdom's Sunday Times, the actress claims that after she and everyone else discovered just how bad he was, she thought to herself that maybe Headey's decision to reject him negatively affected her opportunities in Hollywood.

Lena said she did two jobs working for Harvey Weinstein's Miramax company, but after the incident, there was nothing. In response to the charges, Weinstein said there had been nothing inappropriate between them on any level, at any time.

In the statement to People Magazine, Harvey and his representatives said Lena was a great actress who had smart and resourceful agents. He went on to say that her past eight years on Game Of Thrones proves that.

In October 2017, Headey said she had two encounters in the past with Weinstein whom she met during the screening of The Brothers Grimm at the Venice Film Festival. According to the actress, Harvey made some kind of "suggestive comment" which she just "laughed off."

The actress accused Harvey of taking her "for a walk," from there he made the comment, and she responded with, "It'd be like kissing my dad." After that, she was never put in a Miramax picture. She ran into him years later in LA.

Headey went on to describe a situation in which she went back to his hotel room to see a script. But she told him immediately that she wasn't interested in anything other than working, and he supposedly became infuriated, telling her not to tell anyone about the interaction ever.

Currently, Weinstein is facing off against charges of rape and forcing a sex act on a woman in 2006. If he's convicted, he faces serious jail time.

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