Lena Dunham Reveals She Hasn't Spoken To Lorde Since Breaking Up With Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham Reveals She Hasn't Spoken To Lorde Since Breaking Up With Jack Antonoff
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Ever since her breakup with Jack Antonoff, Lena said she hasn't spoken with Lorde at all. During an interview with The Cut published today, the star said it was terrible to hear about her friend hanging out with her ex-boyfriend shortly after their breakup.

"It was so embarrassing," the actress explained, in reference to the reports that Lorde and Antonoff were together. Lena added that she thinks nothing ever happened between them, but she doesn't know for sure, because she hasn't talked with Ella since then.

As it was previously reported, Lorde and Jack were seen together in January following his breakup with Lena. Due to the reports, everyone believed Jack had cheated on her with Lorde.

Dunham said she couldn't do anything about it, except accept what Jack was telling her as the truth. In January, Antonoff denied the rumors on Twitter, saying on the platform that he normally doesn't address "hetero-normative gossip," but he just had to say something because he hates seeing his personal relationships reduced to silly drama.

Since then, Antonoff has been seen with the model, Carlotta Kohl. Dunham said to The Cut she is still close with her ex-boyfriend but isn't pleased to see him with a new woman looking so happy - but not out of jealousy.

Lena explained that she felt as though she proved that "weird girls" can be loved by men too. For that reason, she was hurt to see that Jack was now with a girl who fits society's expectations for what a woman is supposed to look like.

As most know, Lena has long been an advocate for women, notably, feminist issues. She once had a website called Lenny Letter but it subsequently closed down earlier this year.

The site focused on women's issues, something which she holds dear to her heart. Dunham, unfortunately, has been the victim of trolls online for her opinions.

During an appearence on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen , Lena accused Daniel Tosh of being the entertainment business' "biggest misogynist" because he made fun of her body on his TV show, Tosh.0.

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