Lena Dunham Explains She Wanted To Die After Getting Addicted To Painkillers

Lena Dunham Explains She Wanted To Die After Getting Addicted To Painkillers
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Lena Dunham recently got candid regarding her struggles with a pill addiction, a report from the Cosmopolitan United Kingdom revealed. The Girls creator, who chatted with the publication earlier this week, explained that she had been lying in her parents' apartment wearing the same pajamas for three days and she didn't even have the will to live.

Approximately two years ago, Dunham joined a 28-day rehabilitation program in which she was being treated for addiction to prescription drugs after she underwent a hysterectomy. Fans of the writer/actress know she suffers from endometriosis.

Moreover, Dunham battles with fibromyalgia in addition to Ehlers-Danlons syndrome, which means she often struggles to move around and has to resort to a walking stick. Moreover, Lena dealt with a traumatizing break up as well with Jack Antonoff. They dated for five and a half years.

According to Lena, the part that made it the hardest was the fact she met when they were just 25-years-old. The star claimed that at the time, both of them were just starting in their respective careers, and they really came up together.

Ever since they split, things have been amicable between them, although, the writer admitted there have been tense moments where she felt "catty, rude, or sassy." Furthermore, Dunham hasn't had sex with anyone in over a year.

Lena explained that for years she was involved in a dynamic where she trusted the man completely, however, now that she's single, she has lost that sense of security in her love life. On the other hand, according to the Girls' creator, it's been a great experience because she has used the time for healing.

Despite her setbacks in her personal life, Lena has found work in major motion pictures like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood , where she had a small appearence. In the springtime, she'll film her first major movie as well, and also has another one in the works.

As it was previously reported, Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham split up back in January of 2018. After, Lena admitted she felt jealous and insecure when she saw Jack with a model, who Dunham said was what a woman was "supposed to look like," obviously referring to society's standards of beauty.

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