Lena Dunham Apologizes For Defending Former "Girls" Writer Amid Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Lena Dunham Apologizes For Defending Former "Girls" Writer Amid Allegations Of Sexual Assault
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Lena Dunham issued an apology today after she defended one of her ex-writers on Girls , Murray Miller, who Aurora Perrineau accused of sexual assault last year in the midst of the beginning stages of the #MeToo movement.

Dunham said she had worked with Miller for many years and thought the allegations were untrue. Perrineau said to the Los Angeles Police back in November 2017 that Miller had assaulted her in 2012 when she was just 17-year-olds. A lawyer for Miller claims he undoubtedly and vehemently denied the claims.

In a guest column writing for The Hollywood Reporter, Lena apologized profusely for defending her former co-worker, arguing that she inadvertently became an opponent of the #MeToo movement without even knowing.

Dunham said in the essay that she had done something "inexcusable." One of the things Lena never intended was to cause another person pain by denying their story.

The Girls creator stated she was relying on false "insider information," and believed in his story despite the fact it turned out to mean "nothing at all."

Lena claims she wanted to believe that her workplace was "untouched" by external forces, and wanted to think that everyone she worked with was a good person who did no wrong.

Furthermore, Dunham went on to explain stories of her own sexual assault and stated that clearly, it isn't just her who have suffered at the hands of others. As it was previously reported, back in November 2017, Dunham released a statement saying she didn't believe Aurora's story involving Mr. Miller.

Interestingly, the Los Angeles County Prosecutor, as well as the police, determined there wasn't enough evidence to charge Mr. Miller on any of the supposed crimes. Deadline reported that not only had the statute of limitations expired, but also the DA had found insufficient evidence to bring charges.

Lena has taken heat from some people on social media for apologizing despite the fact police and LA prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to press charges, to begin with.

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