Lena Dunham and the crew say goodbye to Girls set

Lena Dunham and the crew say goodbye to Girls set
Source: Vogue

It's no news that the TV show Girls is coming to an end, but let's admit: it's not easy to come to terms with it. Can we really say goodbye to a show we loved a lot? Thankfully, we have the sixth season to help us get used to the idea, so things are not that bad.

However, this is not the case for everybody. Lena Dunham, for instance, and the rest of the actors who played in the series had to pack up and say goodbye to the beloved Girls set this Thursday. The actress shared a photo on Instagram showing her packing up the stuff on the set, carrying two lamps and moving boxes in the empty apartment. She wrote next to the picture that she said on the set "I've got my fake nipples and I'm ready to party!" . Also, she admitted that she is going to miss this job and officially said goodbye to the show.

Similarly, Allison Williams also expressed her regret for ending the TV show on Instagram. She reminded everybody of the history of the show and all the fun she and Dunham had while shooting scenes for it. She added a black and white photo depicting the two actresses dancing together. She got sentimental and said that she doesn't want to go back to dancing on her own, since dancing with Lena is more fun.

Previously, HBO made the announcement for the end of the TV show back in January, saying that the sixth season, which will be aired in 2017, will be the last one. At the time, Dunham declared that they are looking to create a final season that will amaze not only the fans, but also the crew and the cast. She also hinted to the fact that in the series universe, nothing ends neatly.


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