Leighton Meester Gushes Over Husband Adam Brody But Fans Really Want To Know About Gossip Girl Revival – Is She In Or Out?

Leighton Meester Gushes Over Husband Adam Brody But Fans Really Want To Know About Gossip Girl Revival – Is She In Or Out?
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Leighton Meester is gushing about her husband, Adam Brody, in a rare interview about their marriage. She even addressed those crazy rumors regarding a possible Gossip Girl reboot, and her answer just might surprise fans.

While promoting her husband's guest appearance on the season finale of her sitcom Single Parents.  Meester could not help but praise her man.

It was a surprising move for the actress, especially since both Brody and Meester are uber private about their personal lives. They choose to keep their marriage and family out of the watchful eye of their adoring fans.

However, when speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about working with her husband, the 33-year-old was more than willing to open up.

"He's my best friend. I wanna work with him on everything, and I think he's the best in everything. He's really good. I was not at all, like, worried if he would completely do amazing at that part. It's a wonderful, great, lovely thing," the actress expressed to the magazine.

Dishing on her amazing and talented husband wasn't the only thing Messter was talking about as she promoted her sitcom. While speaking with E! News, the subject of a Gossip Girl revival was brought up, and she wasted no time answering the question of whether or not she would play Blair Waldorf again.

"No one's ever asked me. No one's ever talked to me about it except for in interviews, and I always say the same: I never say never, so I don't know. No one's sent me that information; it's coming from you," she shared with the website.

Her The O.C. alum hubby then made a joke and suggested anyone with information about a revival for Gossip Girl should send it to him. Brody will take a look and decide!

Right now, Leighton Meester is enjoying success on her ABC sitcom. She was thrilled to work with her husband, Adam Brody. Should the network renew the show for a second season, there is a chance Brody could make another guest appearance. The door was left open for Derek to seek out Angie and Graham.

The CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed earlier this year there was a discussion happening regarding bringing back the popular show . Since then rumors have been going crazy and the cast been hounded with questions, even though there is really nothing to discuss.


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