Legal Team For Tekashi69 Is "Surprised" By The New Informant In His Racketeering Case

Legal Team For Tekashi69 Is "Surprised" By The New Informant In His Racketeering Case
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New York rapper, Tekashi69, is currently behind bars and hoping that he'll be allowed out on bail, but now there's a brand new detail in his case involving a confidential informant. TMZ claims that the rapper had a snitch in his crew.

As it was previously reported by the publication, Danny Hernandez, Tekashi69, pled not guilty to federal racketeering on Monday, and a formal trial date has been set for the 4th of September, 2019.

It all got exceedingly worse for the 22-year-old man when prosecutors revealed that they had a confidential informant who recorded conversations with the rapper.

Lance Lazarro says the news of the recordings has proved to be a serious development in the case. He told reporters from the gossip publication, "Anytime there's a confidential informant, there is cause for concern."

While in a court of law, the prosecutors on the case argued that the recordings would be extremely deleterious for Mr. Hernandez. It's possible he'll be sent to prison for life.

His attorney, however, is doing his best to be optimistic, adding that he is "confident" that the recorded conversations will show Tekashi was never involved in illicit activity.

TMZ reported that Lazarro intends to apply for bail as soon as possible with the trial judge. Previously, the judge decided not to grant bail due to him being judged as a flight risk.

This all comes after he was involved with child sex charges, where he and another man filmed a sexual performance with a 13-year-old girl for a music video.

Moreover, Hernandez got himself into trouble again when he choked out a 16-year-old after his concert, and also was indirectly involved with a shooting outside a New York restaurant.

It wasn't a good look for the rapper, who was told by his previous judge that he was supposed to stay out of trouble. Reports came out after his arrest as well suggesting that he may have assaulted the mother of his child.

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