Lee Majors Gets Candid About His Famous Marriage To The Late Farrah Fawcett

Lee Majors Gets Candid About His Famous Marriage To The Late Farrah Fawcett
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Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett were two of the hottest stars around back in the 1970s. He was the hunk on Six Million Dollar Man , and she was one the blonde bombshell of Charlie's Angels.

The two were at the height of their fame when they met, fell in love and got married thanks to an introduction from his publicist. They not only became a vital part of each other's careers, but they were one of Hollywood's most famous couples at the time.

As the tenth anniversary of Fawcett's death approaches, Majors is reflecting on his marriage to the blonde babe including how he helped pick the photo that soon became the iconic poster hanging in many teenage boys' bedrooms. The one with the red swimsuit and Fawcett's blond flowing locks was all her then husband.

"I picked out the poster. The famous one! I picked out the picture. You probably don't know why! That's the biggest selling poster ever," he shared with People magazine.

Fawcett and Majors married in 1973. Their demanding careers impacted their union, and they separated in 1979. However, they would not divorce until 1982. They were together for over a decade but as Majors pointed out their careers would often keep them apart for extended periods. He admitted one year during their marriage they only saw each other for two weeks out of 52 weeks.

The long hours on set and extensive business travel made it extremely difficult to sustain the marriage. Eventually, their demanding careers took over, and their marriage suffered. Majors admitted being married in Hollywood is not easy, especially when you are two of the most famous faces around.

"It was hard to get around. It was not quite as hard as it is today with everyone has a cellphone, and the social media is so quick. Back then we only had to deal with the paparazzi at large. A lot of time you could evade them, but not all the time," revealed the 80-year-old.

Although their marriage did not last, Lee Majors has nothing but love for Farrah Fawcett. He even admitted to People magazine the two were in constant contact during her final days.

Today Majors is not only reflecting on his time with the blonde beauty but also expressing how grateful he is to his current wife, Faith, to whom he has been married for 23-years. He is a lucky man to have known Fawcett and even more fortunate to have found the great love of his life in Faith.


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