Lee Daniels Denies That He "Blackballed" Mo'Nique

Lee Daniels Denies That He "Blackballed" Mo'Nique
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Two years after Mo'Nique claimed the industry had "blackballed" her, Lee Daniels is once again stating that he did not shun the actress that he worked with and respected. In case you missed it, the actress - who won an Academy Award win back in 2010 - claimed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Lee had called her and told her she was "blackballed."

The actress stated she thought that to be awarded an Oscar for a performance was the ultimate form of respect, leading to future roles in the entertainment industry. However, her experiences demonstrated the opposite.

According to Mo'Nique, Lee called her and told her she had been shunned by the Hollywood community because "she didn't play the game," meaning, she didn't campaign properly for her Oscar nomination.

Mo'Nique did not campaign for an Oscar which was a point of contention among the director, herself, and others in the Hollywood community.

Performers who want to be nominated for an award have to partake in a series of steps to be considered a potential option. However, the actress did it her own way.

In response to the actresses' claims that she had been blackballed, Lee said her creative talent was immense and he had no reason to shun her from television and movies.

Not long after, Mo'Nique said in an interview that the reason he had avoided her was that she didn't mention his name during the acceptance speech at the 2010 Academy Awards.

And while there appears to be some form of bad blood between the two former-collaborators, Lee continues to deny that he "blackballed" her. He said during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, "I've never blackballed her," and he was sorry that she felt that way.

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