Lee Daniels And Damon Dash Settle Their Million Dollar Lawsuit

Lee Daniels And Damon Dash Settle Their Million Dollar Lawsuit
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Lee Daniels and Damon Dash were feuding over the summer months, ever since Lee claimed Damon took money from him and never paid it back. However, their bad blood appears to have ended after TMZ reported that Lee and Dash reached a settlement following the beginning of their lawsuit.

According to the court documents acquired by TMZ, both parties agreed to let go of the legal situation, and will each take care of their own legal fees. As it was previously reported, Damon was upset because he gave Lee cash to make several movies which were never made.

Moreover, during a Diana Ross concert earlier in the year, Damon approached Mr. Lee to his face and told him that he better pay that money back.

Afterward, Damon took him to court and filed a suit for $5 million, because of a loss of profits as well as interest payments. Lee said to reporters from TMZ that he had full intentions of settling the debt when Damon supported him while no one else did.

While the financial details weren't revealed, TMZ claims that it's likely Lee Daniels handed over a substantial sum of money. As most know, Lee and Damon have been feuding with each other for years.

Lee Daniels is a film director, most known for his successful series, Empire . Lee said in the past that the Roc-A-Fella co-founder believed in him at a time when he couldn't secure the funding and trust of other Hollywood companies.

Previously, it was revealed that Dash filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court over a film that was supposed to revolve around Richard Pryor.

Dash stated that Daniels promised him a role as co-producer, and the film had been in development h*ll for years with Harvey Weinstein's former company which is now bankrupt, Weinstein Company.

Dash's attorney released details on the suit to The Washington Post, which stated Daniels was supposed to direct the project but eventually left in 2016. Daniels never told Damon the film would no longer be created, and never listed him as a co-producer on any other comparable production.

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