LeBron James Praises Barack Obama - Says He Wishes He Was Still The President

LeBron James Praises Barack Obama - Says He Wishes He Was Still The President
Credit: Source: CNBC.com

NBA fans know LeBron James has been way more politically active this past year following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which kicked off the Black Lives Matter protests around the world.

Hot New Hip Hop says James has since been at the forefront of the NBA 's support of the movement. Reportedly, many players have been suggesting the best move would be to boycott the remainder of the season, but at the moment, it looks like the games will resume as normal.

On Wednesday, LeBron James reportedly spoke with Barack Obama about the protests and he asked him what the players should do amid the return to the court following the coronavirus lockdown. As the story goes, Obama told LeBron and the other players to continue on the court, but speak openly about police brutality.

Following the LA Lakers' defeat of the Portland Trail Blazers last night, LeBron spoke with the media about the former sitting president's influence on his decision. He praised the Democratic politician and wished he was still sitting in the Oval Office.

Earlier this year, it was reported by multiple outlets that LeBron James had started the More Than A Vote campaign, which was designed to thwart voter suppression. Moreover, LeBron has made it clear he wants Donald Trump 's administration out.

Amid his press conference following their defeat of the Portland Trail Blazers, LeBron described the importance of his conversation with Barack Obama as well as his hope that he'll continue inspiring other people.

LeBron James was in the headlines again earlier in the week when Candace Owens mocked his opinion regarding the shooting of James Blake. LeBron reportedly posted a tweet showing his exasperation at what happened to Blake, and Candace Owens laughed at him.


The conservative commentator shared a tweet from Megyn Kelly that suggested Blake had been charged with sexually assaulting a minor, had a knife on him at the time of the attack, and also ran back to his vehicle after saying he was going to get another weapon.

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