LeBron James Loves This New Photo Of Tristan Thompson's Baby, True, Bonding With Her Granny, Andrea Thompson

LeBron James Loves This New Photo Of Tristan Thompson's Baby, True, Bonding With Her Granny, Andrea Thompson
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Baby True, who is the daughter of Tristan Thompson, 28, has been bonding with her grandmother.

Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy took to social media over the weekend, and he shared a photo of his mom, Andrea Thompson, spending time with baby True.

Andrea and her granddaughter looked delighted to be spending a little fun time together under the California sun.

The NBA star captioned the photo: “❤️ GiGi and Baby Trueeee🙏🏾.” LeBron James had this sweet remark: "BEAUTIFUL!!! 2 of a Kind❤️❤️."

There were many unexpected comments about the photo. One person said: "Baby true need an eye doctor."

A second fan answered by: "To her point.... a grandmother is more concerned about precious moment and memories for herself and her grandchild. Not continuously creating a media circus where your grandchild will be picked at bulled and often times determines self-esteem b4 you learn your ABCs.... children pushed into the spotlight for financial gains, i.e., entertainment does not do well emotionally often. I guess we will follow their lives front and center and see for ourselves. However, privacy is usually cherished the most... in hindsight. Which will more than likely come from the grandma that isn't in the spotlight."

This defender stated: "I think your mouth needs to see a doctor too. Focus on getting treatment for your mouth and leave the baby eyes alone. Wow, people are really that viscous?!? I see comments attacking this innocent baby and her parents ?? Does anyone know them personally....I’ll WAIT 🙄 I’ve been contemplating leaving all social media on the back burner ut it’s ago. People are too savage for me ✌🏻Ill pray for everyone.?"

Another backer revealed: "Doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen the doctor my daughter was crosseyed she doesn’t have it my daughter actually has very strong eye muscles which through the years she’s learned to control my kid cause move her eyes every which way she’s also far-sighted and please the Kardashian’s visit the most prestigious drs in California so get a life."

This person shared this: "Finally we get to see the real grandma, and she is beautiful 🥰🥰🥰 In our culture, a real grandma is the one that gave birth to your father since you carry your father's surnames not that kris is not a real grandma... Same as a dream is kris' s real granddaughter."

True has a lot of fans out there.

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