LeBron James Claims That 'Goofy Votes' Made Donald Trump President

LeBron James Claims That 'Goofy Votes' Made Donald Trump President
Source: SLAMonline

For the first time in history, players had a saying in this year's NBA All-Star starters selection, but some votes turned out to be rather strange. For example, “King” LeBron James associated this type of behavior with the one that got Donald Trump elected as President, claiming that “goofy votes” guaranteed the 70-years old mogul take the spot in the Oval Office.

The All-Star game is a big deal for the NBA community, especially for his supporters. However, some players chose to mock their opportunity to partially elect this year's NBA All-Star starters. 

That’s how Jordan McRae, who barely received minutes for Cleveland, obtained a pair of votes, while DeAndre Liggins also got on the scoreboard.

Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr, as well as Cavs' superstar, LeBron James, weren’t too happy with the results, considering that players should have taken such decision with more responsibility.

LeBron even compared them with the voters that got Donald Trump elected, saying that “goofy votes” will always be present.

James endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in early October and even introduced the former Secretary of State at a Cleveland rally in early November, so it’s no surprise that he has no love for Donald Trump.

The 32-years old basketball player declined to stay at Trump SoHo, his team's usual hotel, when the Cavs visited the New York Knicks. Still, he claimed that he wasn’t trying to make a statement, as this decision was simply a personal choice.

Despite his attitude towards the President, LeBron has a chance to meet him in person, alongside his team. If they manage to win the NBA title, they will be greeted by Donald Trump, at the White House!

It will be very interesting to see what happens, with James saying earlier this season that he's unsure whether he would be willing to respect the tradition and attend the event.

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