'Leave Alex Trebek Alone!' Fans Furious After Pictures Of 'Frail' Jeopardy Host Published Online

'Leave Alex Trebek Alone!' Fans Furious After Pictures Of 'Frail' Jeopardy Host Published Online
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Fans are furious after pictures of what outlets are describing as a "frail" Alex Trebek have been published online. Alex is battling stage four pancreatic cancer and fans of the beloved game show host have been praying for his recovery. Now, fans are outraged that people are looking at the photos and they are sounding off on social media platforms. The photos describe Alex Trebek as being "unrecognizable" and they captured the game show host as he was taking out the trash. The photos were taken outside of Alex's home and his fans are viewing it as an invasion of privacy and an attack not only on Alex Trebek but his family as well.

Due to the outrage that many people have regarding this situation, the controversial photos of Alex Trebek will not be posted in this article. This isn't the first time that fans have rallied against the press for what they believe is an invasion of privacy. When Dolly Parton's husband Carl Dean was photographed, fans were outraged.

Alex Trebek has shown incredible strength since coming forward with his diagnosis in 2019. He explained to the public that he had suffered from stomach issues and recently announced that he made it through his first year since being diagnosed.

He has faced the challenges of his cancer diagnosis with bravery, honesty, and faith and continued working through his treatment —despite being in physical pain.

Alex has many fans who simply do not wish to see his illness exploited in the media.

Many are viewing the photos as an attack on Alex Trebek at a time when people are encouraged to show more love and compassion to one another. In March, Alex made headline news for making a surprise donation to a homeless shelter. He donated $100,000 to the Valley Rescue Mission in Los Angeles and even asked for a tour of the facility. With Alex's huge heart and generous acts of compassion, no one really wants to see photos of Alex and to be told he looks "frail." Instead, his fans are encouraging everyone to keep Alex and his family in their prayers.

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