LeAnn Rimes Dishes On What It's Like To Raise Her Kids With Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes Dishes On What It's Like To Raise Her Kids With Eddie Cibrian
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When LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian started dating almost ten years ago, their relationship was very tumultuous, with both of them getting out of a marriage at the same time. These days, their lives are just as busy, due to current TV projects as well as an upcoming concert tour.

With that said, they've learned how to deal with their stress in an effective and efficient manner. According to the 35-year-old, they meditate, something that has allowed Rimes to get over the fact that she formerly hated being alone.

The singer said, "I used to hate being by myself." On the 26th of July, Rimes said to reporters from Us Weekly that she "loves it" and "adores it." Meditation has allowed her to find inner peace in a house filled with kids, as her two sons are 15 and 11.

Additionally, Eddie just finished up a show in Vancouver so he and LeAnn have been all over the place. She said, "I'm always on the road," and when she finally gets time for herself, she's a "big meditator."

According to reports, Rimes just finished working on a holiday TV film for Hallmark called Christmas Eve. She's also getting ready for a concert called, You and Me And Christmas.

Cibrian, on the other hand, is still working on his own small-screen project. He just wrapped up the ABC series, Take Two . Thus, Eddie and LeAnn need as much resting time as they can get.

The country star explained that these days, she loves being alone, and loves being quiet by herself. It's a time to decompress, and let her anxieties and worries fade away for a brief moment, a period long enough for her to fully relax.

As for how she goes about meditating, apparently, Rimes likes to use meditation apps. She also turned her husband into a meditator as well. At first, he thought it was a joke, but when he actually began doing it, he noticed a big difference.

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