Leandra Gonzalez Calls Marrying Fetty Wap A Huge Mistake -- Wants Her Name Detached From Rapper

Leandra Gonzalez Calls Marrying Fetty Wap A Huge Mistake -- Wants Her Name Detached From Rapper
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One of the shortest marriages in the industry has been Fetty Wap and his soon-to-be ex-wife Leandra Gonzalez. After reports surfaced that she wanted the ring that he proposed to her with back, she took to Instagram to get somethings off her chest.

The public found out that the My Way rapper was legally married last year. Just weeks after the marriage became public knowledge, Leandra started posting clear messages that she wants out!

In March, she took to Instagram Live after catching wind of people saying she was only in it for the money. She revealed that just nine days after saying 'I Do,' she wanted a divorce.

Leandra claims that Fetty wasn't only unfaithful, but he was also physically and emotionally abusive. She added that drugs and alcohol also play a huge part in his change of character.

A TMZ report from May detailed just how troubled their union was.

'According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Leandra claims they got into an argument that turned physical. She claims Fetty struck her in the face with a closed fist causing her pain, bruising, and a black eye. Leandra claims the substance abuse was a problem during their short marriage. As for the adultery claims ... Leandra claims Fetty engaged in extra-marital affairs with several women. What's more ... Leandra claims back on New Year's Eve, Fetty traveled to the Bahamas with a woman with whom he'd been having an on-going affair. Leandra also claims about a month before that trip, Fetty got the name of one of his mistresses tattooed on his wrist.'

In a lengthy Instagram post captured by the Neighborhood Talk, Gonzalez explained what really happened.

According to Leandra, this was a debate months ago that has now been settled. Wap ended up being ordered to give her an undisclosed amount in place of the ring.

Unfortunately for her, any time more information becomes available to the public she has to revisit her living nightmare.

The other says that she made a mistake marrying the rapper and hopes that she can be detached from him one day. She also revealed that their split will be legalized soon.

Meanwhile, Fetty was recently seen taking another woman on vacation.

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