Leah Remini Totally Supports BFF Jennifer Lopez's Romance With Alex Rodriguez!

Leah Remini Totally Supports BFF Jennifer Lopez's Romance With Alex Rodriguez!
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It is safe to say that someone’s BFF has a pretty big influence on who their friend is dating. After all, it’ usually understood that a new lover in someone’s life has to impress and be friendly with the best friend as well. It just makes everything easier!

That being said, it looks like that is the case of Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez as well, with Leah totally supporting the beautiful romance between her friend J.Lo. and her man, Alex Rodriguez.

And the same goes for Lopez!

During Jennifer’s chat before the release of Second Act with E! News, the actress and singer shared: ‘You just want your bestie to be happy and fulfilled and in a good place, and that's why I love seeing [Leah] with Angelo. You just know that that's their person. That's her ride or die. That's who makes her happy. That's who makes her thrive.’ So true!

As fans may or may not know, Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini started their enviable friendship almost a decade ago!

Now, the two women are even playing BFFs in Second Act and their chemistry onscreen, because they’re so close in real life as well, is undeniable!

‘Much like in real life, Leah makes me laugh like nobody else and she also at times is the biggest strength that I've had in some of my toughest points in my life. We were able to not act when the camera turned on and really just bring our true friendship to that true friendship that was on the page,’ J.Lo. went on to add.

Furthermore, they focus on each other’s success, and that includes their family life and all the great moments they ‘celebrate’ together.

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