Leah Remini Says Church Of Scientology Was Conspiring To Get Her Show Shut Down

Leah Remini Says Church Of Scientology Was Conspiring To Get Her Show Shut Down
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Leah Remini might be taking the Church of Scientology to court, claims a source who spoke with the outlet. Her show on A&E, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath , has been on the air for around three seasons, and she even won an Emmy award in 2017.

With that said, however, A&E hasn't released news on whether the show would be getting another season. Leah's television production seeks to expose the deleterious actions of the church as a corrupt organization guilty of human rights abuses.

Leah claims to be the victim of spying from individuals working for the Church, moreover, she thinks that the Church is conspiring to have her television series canceled and taken off the air. The actress has since met with lawyers and she's thinking about taking the matter to court.

The 49-year-old also accused the Church of building a satellite less than one mile away from the production offices at Van Nuys in 2017. Karin Pouw, who is a representative for the Church of Scientology, said to reporters from Us Weekly that the allegations are "ludicrous."

Karin states the Church moved a satellite there many months before Remini's production took up shop there. Leah's organization is called Intellectual Property Corporation.

Pouw went on to describe Leah's supposed disinformation campaign as "stupid," adding that it's "just as stupid now" as it was when it started. Karin added, "just like all of her other conspiracy theories." Since Leah's time on the King Of Queens , the star has been relatively quiet.

However, after her involvement in the Church of Scientology, she started her docu-series which received critical acclaim. When the series first got off the ground, she also made an appearence on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast , where she explained her experiences with the Church in detail.

As most know, this won't be the first time the Church has released a statement denying the actresses' claims. Previously, they accused Remini of simply making things up for the sake of her career and personal life.

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