Leah Remini Criticizes Tom Cruise & John Travolta for Scientology Bad Behavior

Leah Remini Criticizes Tom Cruise & John Travolta for Scientology Bad Behavior
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Leah Remini has become both an admired and targeted, outspoken advocate against Scientology. She now highly criticizes both stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta for the bad behavior she has seen in the Scientology church. Remini believes that they are to blame for quite a bit of what is wrong.

Remini has a docuseries appearing on A&E , Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. In her special program she discusses well-known celebrities and the important roles they play in the church.

How they have assisted Scientology in becoming the powerful force that it is today. Scientology has become quite a popular religion in Hollywood especially, as many stars we know have now converted to Scientology.

The star who will now appear on Kevin Can Wait on CBS left Scientology in 2013 and has been quite vocal, saying that it controls and brainwashes people. That it attempts to lure those who are vulnerable and then to take advantage of them in this way.

Both Remini and her mother were in the Scientology church. Remini has forgiven her mother for originally getting her involved with Scientology.

Remini explains that Scientologists think that some celebrities are "deities" of some type. That the religion of Scientology assists to create great change within people and the world.

One thing Remini mentions that is quite shocking is how transparent the recruitment of fellow colleagues in Hollywood.

She states that church leaders wanted her to convert Kevin James, who she once starred with on King of Queens and will star with on Kevin Can Wait. But that she disobeyed them and refused to convert him, which frustrated them.

She further explains that Tom Cruise held Scientology meetings for the actors in the religion to request actual lists of who you were bringing to galas. That recruitment was very well organized and that Scientology utilizes its star members such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and others to help lure fellow Hollywood stars to become Scientology converts.

The Scientology church claims that Remini will do "anything" to attract ratings for her docuseries and that she will say anything to achieve that.


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  • Nancy
    Nancy Oct 5, 2017 8:36 PM PDT

    I would like to know how Kristie Alley explains her weight gain. According to scientology she should be a able to control her mind to not eat so much. How is that working for you; kristie? she needs a wake up call as to what this "church" is really doing to its followers.

  • Heidi Pratt-Anderson
    Heidi Pratt-Anderson Sep 22, 2017 11:07 AM PDT

    Even back in the Top Gun days when everyone loved him, I always thought Tom Cruise was an idiot, and he still is. And I have no respect for Travolta. He's all washed up anyway.

  • Kimberly mastin
    Kimberly mastin Sep 22, 2017 10:42 AM PDT

    Good for Leah! I'm glad finally that someone is speaking and hope makes people reconsider before they get involved with a cult NOT A RELIGION! These people have committed many crimes why they get away with it is beyond me and to think Tom cruise and John Travolta can sleep at night knowing the damage they helped create! Shame on you !

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