Leah Messer Slams Rumors She Got Cheek Fillers!

Leah Messer Slams Rumors She Got Cheek Fillers!
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Fans think Leah Messer looks a little bit different lately and they also think they know the reason why! The Teen Mom star took to social media to share a pic earlier today and in the comment section, her followers started speculating that she got cheek fillers!

However, while Messer admitted she’s had some ‘small cosmetic work done’ she denied getting the fillers.

The MTV celeb made sure to address the speculations about the physical changes the fans had noticed, posting another family pic.

She started her rant by saying that it’s sad she even has to say anything about it.

But she did it anyway: ‘Here is MY statement, along with a blast from the past over the last ten years that shows how much I've transformed into the healthiest, and best version of myself: ‘It is called taking better care of yourself, loving and embracing yourself for who you are!’’

Leah claimed that she is a ‘different person on the inside’ so that positive change ‘radiates on the outside.’

‘I did have some small cosmetic work on my teeth and what I also really want is to get my boobs done – (Just being real!) 😂🤷🏻‍♀️,’ she added.

The celeb also said that she’s gained a little bit of weight which is why she may look ‘fuller.’

‘Thanks for the comments on looking fuller to point that out to me, LOL!’

It looks like a lot of changes have been taking place in Leah’s life and it really shows.

After all, she also dyed her hair a darker shade and has new teeth!

Also, after breaking up with Jason Jordan, she’s been living her best single life.

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