Leah Messer Not Against Rekindling Romance With Jeremy Calvert - Says They ‘Get Along Great’

Leah Messer Not Against Rekindling Romance With Jeremy Calvert - Says They ‘Get Along Great’
Credit: Source: dailymail.co.uk

According to Leah Messer , things with her ex, Jeremy Calvert are going really great just prior to the debut of Teen Mom ’s tenth season! Does that mean that they might be getting back together or not?

During a new interview for HollywoodLife, the reality TV star opened up about what fans could be witnessing in the new season.

That being said, will everyone be able to see Leah and Jeremy hook up or seriously rekindle their romance?

After all, they are in a ‘great place’ at the moment!

Well, Leah Messer says that even though that is the case, going back and forth about reconciling was just ‘confusing!’

Regardless, Leah stressed that she is not completely against something happening between them in the future.

The Teen Mom celeb also discussed her other baby daddy, Cory Simms, with whom she shares twins Ali and Aleeah, 10.

‘I feel like I am in a great place with Cory and Jeremy, and communication is the key. It took us quite a while to get where we are, but I have learned a lot,’ she told the news outlet.

Just last season, Leah admitted to hooking up with Jeremy and her daughters even saw their flirty texts later on!

Addie actually told on the show that ‘Mommy was in bed with my Dad, and it was dark,’ after aparently having caught them in an adults-only situation.

However, Leah explained to her daughters that she did not like Jeremy ‘like that.’

She also promised that if that changed in any way, she would make sure to tell them!

Leah went on to dish via HollywoodLife that ‘I think we’re kind of in a place that whatever is meant to happen, will happen. However, I think that hooking up or anything like that had to stop because it was confusing. And I cannot say what will happen in the future — we are not fortune tellers — but we get along great and we do a lot of family activities with Addie, and she loves it. She’s happy and healthy.’


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