Leah Messer Blames Her Jeremy Calvert Divorce On Her Huge Generosity With Money

Leah Messer Blames Her Jeremy Calvert Divorce On Her Huge Generosity With Money
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The Teen Mom star admitted that her split from Jeremy Calvert was a result of her being very giving when it comes to their money. Apparently, she gave her father $40K and some other handouts and her ex was not too happy about that.

Her huge generosity apparently hurt the reality TV celeb and she needed to learn a lesson about managing her earnings and spending less on others.

This is what she said while on the Pressing Pause to Reboot podcast with guest Kailyn Lowry.

Both Teen Mom celebs discussed dealing with people benefiting or trying to benefit off of their paychecks from the show.

However, Leah had to learn a lesson about that the hard way.

While now she knows how to say ‘no’ and would ‘cut [her] own throat to hand money over to other people,’ that was not always the case.

In the past, she did not want others to think her Teen Mom stardom had changed her and push them away by refusing their requests.

‘I always want people to know I’m still that humble person and I felt [that in] giving to everyone, I would get in return. In the end it still hurt,’ Leah shared.

And she was not the only one who suffered, as so did her marriage with Jeremy Calvert.

‘It hurt me, like, it caused one of my divorces, with Jeremy, because I would be giving to everyone.’

The two separated back in 2015, after three years of marriage.

Leah says that, ‘just to keep him around’ she gave her dad Gary Lee Miller no less than $40,000.

And that was not all! Apparently, she would also pay for her family’s houses and cars and ‘this and that’ just so that they would not consider her ‘this stuck-up’ celebrity.

Nowadays, Leah has learned the power of the word ‘no’ and swears that she only loans someone once if they don’t pay her back.


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