Lea Thompson Says That Women Can't Be Movies Stars After Giving Birth

Lea Thompson Says That Women Can't Be Movies Stars After Giving Birth
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According to a report from E Online, Lea Thompson believes her life changed in a fundamental way back when she first became a mother. The 58-year-old actress, perhaps most famous for her role in Back To The Future , has been reflecting on her career.

Lea Thompson, whose husband is Howard Deutch, the director of Pretty In Pink , claims she first met Mr. Deutch on the set of the 1987 movie, Some Kind Of Wonderful , which he directed. The mother of Madelyn Deutch and Zoey Deutch, 28 and 24, married Howard in 1989, two years after the movie was finished.

During a conversation on Justin Long's podcast, Life Is Short, Thompson told the story of her romance with Howard, as well as how her decision to become a mother affected her career. Lea claims Howard had a "crush" on her, but around that time, she was engaged to Dennis Quaid.

The actress claims she had to get herself out of the relationship with Dennis, but it was a difficult time for her because she did "900 movies in a row." Thompson said on the podcast that her career was on fire until she had a baby.

It all came to a "screeching halt," and she believes that once a woman becomes a mother, "you can't be a movie star anymore." Long asked her if it was a "scientific fact," and she began listing all of the movie stars who had done it, but only Meryl Streep's name came up.

Thompson joked on the podcast that you can "adopt a baby," but if you actually create the baby in your womb, the dream of becoming a movie star ends instantly. Thompson claims she "never did a movie (in which she was the star) after that," other than the Beverly Hillbillies.

Lea claimed she was fortunate enough to get a few roles on television, including her character as Caroline Duffy in Caroline in the City, which aired from 1995 until 1999. Lea isn't the only woman to complain of this phenomenon.

Famke Janssen, the James Bond Goldeney e alum, claimed that once she hit a certain age, her career opportunities simply faded away. Famke didn't get a role in X-Men Apocalypse , citing sexism against women as the reason for her not receiving it.

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