Lea Michele Vows To Learn From Her Mistakes As A 'Mean Girl'

Lea Michele Vows To Learn From Her Mistakes As A 'Mean Girl'
Credit: Source: EW.com

Lea Michele has been atop of the media headlines ever since she came out to support the Black Lives Matter protests that kicked off following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The star was swiftly attacked by some of her former co-stars.

The 33-year-old, who is now 7-months-pregnant, found herself at the center of a vicious social media firestorm in which many of her former associates came out to say that her behavior over the years has been horrendous.

A friend of Michele said to The Post that the whole thing has been a "real wake-up call," for her, stating that it was a "total shock." The insider claims Lea was very mean and cruel to many people she worked with over the years.

With all that said, however, Lea was just mean to people, she wasn't "racist, sexist, or transphobic." This Monday, Samantha Ware, one of her Glee co-stars, came out to say that she made Ware's life a "living h*ll" on set.

She accused her of continuously making "traumatic microaggressions" that made her seriously reevaluate whether or not she should pursue a career in the entertainment business. Another one of her former associates, Gerard Canonico, said that Michele was a "nightmare" behind scenes and was extremely mean to him.

Heather Morris, as well, said she was "very unpleasant." As a result of the accusations, Lea lost a deal with HelloFresh, which she frequently advertised on her Instagram platform.

During another conversation with The Post, a source who worked in the hair and makeup department of Glee said that Michele was just a mean, unfriendly, and rude person, who rarely had anything nice to say about anyone else.

The insider claimed Michele would frequently show up late and was not an approachable person at all. As it was noted above, Lea lost her endorsement deal with Hello Fresh.

The company released a statement in which they said they didn't condone such behavior and wouldn't associate with someone who engaged in it either.

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