Lea Michele Slammed By Glee Co-Star Samantha Marie Ware For Not Making Her Feel Like Her 'Life Mattered' On Set

Lea Michele Slammed By Glee Co-Star Samantha Marie Ware For Not Making Her Feel Like Her 'Life Mattered' On Set
Credit: Source: Spokesman.com

Lea Michele is just one actress who recently took to her social media account to express solidarity and support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the tragic death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

USA Today reported today that Michele's tweet was supported by many people, although, her former co-star, began complaining of her behavior while on set and claims that Michele didn't make her feel like her life mattered.

Michele wrote, "George Floyd did not deserve this." Lea went on to say that it wasn't an "isolated incident," however, Samantha Marie Ware, who had a role during Glee 's sixth season accused her of merely repeating empty words and phrases.

Additionally, Dabier Snell, who was a guest-star during a 2014 episode of the show, accused Michele of not letting her sit at the table with the other cast and crew members because Lea supposedly said that she didn't belong there.

According to USA Today, Michele starred as Rachel Berry on the show, a role which went on to garner several accolades, including two Golden Globe nominations as well as an Emmy nomination.

Later, Variety reported that Lea Michele was actually dropped by HelloFresh after Samantha Ware accused her of making her life a "living h*ll" while working on Glee.

Ware accused her of making "traumatic microaggressions" on the series, many of which led her to believe that having a career in Hollywood wasn't for her. In a statement, HelloFresh expressed their disappointment with the incident and said they didn't support racism or discrimination of any kind.

HelloFresh concluded their statement by stating that they were going to end their partnership with Lea "effective immediately." Variety reported today that Michele's partnership with HelloFresh has been particularly fruitful.

She currently has 6.5 million Instagram followers, and the company commonly works with individuals who have large followings. Michele has reportedly posted a number of sponsored images on her social media in association with the brand.


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