Lea Michele Isn't Necessarily Racist, She's Just A "B****" Claim Numerous Co-Workers And Castmates

Lea Michele Isn't Necessarily Racist, She's Just A "B****" Claim Numerous Co-Workers And Castmates
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Glee alum Lea Michele has found herself in hot water this week after numerous former castmates and co-workers have come forward and accused the actress of being a “nightmare” to work with. Some of the accusations against Michele implied that she was only discriminatory against people of color, but now the consensus appears to be that she is “a b*tch” to everyone she works with.

The controversy began when Michele tweeted her support of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Her former Glee co-star Samantha Ware responded to the tweet by calling Michele out for making her first television gig “a living hell.”

“I believe you told everyone that if you had the opportunity you would ‘s–t in my wig!’ amongst other traumatic microaggressions that made me question a career in Hollywood,” wrote Ware.

Other Glee actors chimed in on the thread, with Amber Riley posting a GIF of herself sipping tea and Melissa Benoist liking Ware’s post. Then, more of Michele’s former co-workers started to speak out. Heather Morris described Michele as “very unpleasant” to work with, Gerard Canonico described her as a “nightmare” behind the scenes of the 2006 Broadway show Spring Awakening , and her Ragtime understudy - Elizabeth Aldrich - said Michele was horrible all the way back in 1998.

“I used to cry every night from the mean and manipulative things she would do. She was 12. She was terrifying,” said Aldrich.

Actor Dabier Snell had a guest spot on Glee , and he told The New York Post that Michele wouldn’t allow him to have lunch with the regular cast members.

“I was invited to sit down with the rest of the cast members by Darren Criss, and made to feel welcome. I also knew Chris Colfer as well, so he was like, ‘Go ahead, come sit with us and chat!’ . . . Five to 10 minutes after we sat down and had a conversation, I was pulled [aside by an assistant director] and told one of the cast members did not want me to sit there, because she felt I don’t belong,” said Snell.

He added that he later found out the cast member who complained was Michele, but he didn’t want to say anything because he wanted to be on the show. Instead, he says he “zipped” his mouth and went back to his trailer and cried.

Snell - a black man - believes that Michele’s behavior is a mix of being rude and being prejudiced.

“I feel like it’s both, I feel like it’s status, too, somebody who’s like ‘I’m a lead, I’m big time, I have the power to say anything I want to my other cast members,’” explained Snell.

An industry insider who has worked with Lea Michele says that the actress is just horrible to everyone.

“Lea was a b*tch to a lot of people who are now taking the opportunity to come forward,” said the insider. “She may not be the nicest person, but she’s not racist, sexist or transphobic. I would say she has behavioral issues that she’s dealing with.”

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