Law Officials Confirm Paris Jackson Was Taken By Ambulance For Mental Health Evaluation For Suicide Attempt, Report Says

Law Officials Confirm Paris Jackson Was Taken By Ambulance For Mental Health Evaluation For Suicide Attempt, Report Says
Credit: Source: Page Six

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, news outlets announced that Paris Jackson had attempted suicide and was in the hospital. The news went viral as did conflicting reports. Some reports suggested the account was false while others trusted the original news. Paris Jackson tweeted from her official Twitter in what seemed to be denials that she had been hospitalized for attempted suicide.

Access Online released a statement that law enforcement confirmed to them that Paris Jackson really had been taken in for an evaluation after someone called for an ambulance.

The report states the following.

"Law enforcement confirm to Access that Paris Jackson was taken to a local area hospital for mental evaluation after the LAPD responded to a call for an ambulance for an attempted suicide."

Still, that seems a little vague and no representative for LAPD has yet spoken publicly with their name attached to the statement confirming the report.

Fans and those who support Michael Jackson have expressed grave concern on social media for Michael Jackson's children following the HBO premiere of Leaving Neverland. A previous report from Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson indicated that Michael's youngest child, Blanket "Bigi" Jackson had stopped speaking since Leaving Neverland premiered with new allegations of sexual abuse against the singer.

The media has shifted focus from the airing of Leaving Neverland to Paris Jackson's response. She has tweeted indirectly about the documentary but Michael Jackson's children, for the most part, have remained silent.

Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson and niece Brandi Jackson have been the most outspoken family members to speak publicly and defend Michael Jackson's name.

Taj has made it clear that the renewed speculation into Michael Jackson's behavior and allegations he sexually abused Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck has been extremely difficult for his family.

The Michael Jackson estate is reportedly suing HBO for $100 million over Leaving Neverland .

Since the airing of Leaving Neverland , the world has been split on the Michael Jackson sexual abuse allegations. The allegations have forced more people to speak publicly out regarding their views, where even actor Corey Feldman had to clarify his position as Michael Jackson's friend and an advocate for child sexual abuse victims.

There has been a change in Michael Jackson's album sales that point to Leaving Neverland having a possible monetary impact on the Estate.

While people continue to search for more information that either validates or nullifies the initial report, many across the world are praying for Paris Jackson as they naturally conclude this is a difficult time for her and her siblings.

What do you think about the reports? Do you believe they are true?


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