Law And Order Showrunner Warren Leight Says That Cop Shows Are 'Mis-Contributing' To Society

Law And Order Showrunner Warren Leight Says That Cop Shows Are 'Mis-Contributing' To Society
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Not long after George Floyd was killed by police officers on the 25th of May, the Law and Order: SVU showrunner, Warren Leight, addressed his show's portrayal of the authorities. According to Digital Spy, Leight believes that cop shows aren't doing their part in the fight for justice.

Reported first by the Hollywood Reporter, when asked by journalists if cops were portrayed "too positively," he said, "collectively? Yes." Leight went on to say that he might be "mis-contributing" to society, perhaps not as an individual, but "collectively."

Warren says that he hopes fans will look at the fictional elements of the New York Police Department on  SVU for what they are. In other words, Leight says that his portrayal of the police on the show is what he really wants them to be like, rather than what they are in reality.

The Law and Order: SVU showrunner said out loud that he hopes the "audience is sophisticated enough" to know that SVU is not an accurate portrayal of how sexual assault crimes are actually investigated, charged, and then prosecuted.

He said he thinks people wish it were "really like this," and he, himself, also wishes it were "like this." On the 5th of June, the showrunner took to his Twitter to comment on the protests, particularly, the acts of police officers against people in the streets.

Leight isn't the only Law and Order executive who has been commenting on the protests across the world right now. In fact, Dick Wolf took it upon himself to make a change.

Dick Wolf, the creator of the Law and Order series, had a man fired after he posted a picture of himself on social media donning what appeared to be an assault rifle. Craig Gore wrote in the caption of the photo that if anyone tried to mess with his property, they were going to get "lit up."

Later, Ice-T, one of the longtime stars of the Law and Order: SVU series, took to his Twitter to praise Dick Wolf for "cleaning house."

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