Laverne Cox Says She Is Open To Having Her Own 'Orange Is The New Black' Spin-Off!

Laverne Cox Says She Is Open To Having Her Own 'Orange Is The New Black' Spin-Off!
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As fans know, Orange Is the New Black ended for good back in July and while that story is done airing, Laverne Cox revealed that she may just get a spin-off all about her character! Here’s what the actress had to say!

Laverne portrayed Sophia Burset on the popular prison drama and she was definitely one of the fan favorites.

The character was groundbreaking and even though she was on the show for seven seasons, Laverne revealed that she is not over the character and is totally open to the idea of acting in her own spin-off.

‘I love Sophia. She has been very good to me. [The show] been very special. A spin-off… I have no idea. And I never say never. Who knows? Maybe. I love [Sophia].’

This is what the star shared with HollywoodLife during a new interview.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the spin-off is not certain but it’s good to know that the actress would not say no if she was offered the gig.

Laverne made history due to the fact that she was one of the first primary characters on TV to be both a person of color and transgender.

The show itself was also a great success, being one of the first series on Netflix to become such a major hit.

‘That kind of storm of popularity and critical acclaim for a television show [like Orange Is The New Black] is really rare. And especially in this television landscape, it’s hard to even just get noticed. It’s not lost on me how special that was,’ Laverne went on to share with the news outlet.

Orange Is the New Black wrapped up this summer after seven seasons, much to the disappointment of the die-hard fans.


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