Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley, Accuses Rihanna Of Ripping Off Her Idea

Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley, Accuses Rihanna Of Ripping Off Her Idea
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Lauryn Hill's talent runs in her bloodline. Her daughter, Selah Marley, is also a creative. She recently took to social media to point out the similarities between a project that she created and Rihanna's Fenty Fashion Show.

Savage X Fenty Fashion came back during a pandemic where it delivered an even better display than it did last year. It garnered lots of attention for the use of models of every shape, color, and size where she debuted more pieces of her work.

In addition to the lingerie, Rihanna was praised for the concepts that were included in the special that streamed on Amazon Prime.

In a portion that was very similar to her art installation, Selah told her followers that she feels robbed.

'Quite a few friends brought this up to me & I wasn’t gonna say anything about this, but I’m bothered. For those who remember, I did “A Primordial Place” in May 2019.. I put my heart & soul (& all the money I had) into this project and.... I don’t know. Is it just me? As a young, independent, female black artist, I genuinely feel robbed. I’m not signed to any label.. I don’t have any investors. I just have myself & the people who support me. It took A LOT to pull this together & to see it replicated almost exactly with no mention of my name or the work I previously put in is just ridiculous. The first photo is the recent Savage x Fenty show. The other photos are A Primordial Place. What do you think?'

She shared photos of her work from last year paired with portions of Rihanna's show and they do have similarities.

However, there are many people who claim that Rihanna had a similar concept in her last fashion show. Additionally, there have been other art installations and creative projects that use moss-like tree parts and the exploration of multiple colors.


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